July ... August 2014

Jim will be using this time to gain the fullest recovery from his broken back and other injuries sustained in that fall from the MT greenhouse roof. For more information on his accident go to Email Archives and you will see the emails beginning Feb 20, 2014 and multiple updates.

Jim will be working on sermons for this fall and possibly a new book.

Sally is hoping to be able to get to working on her book "How to Live With a Difficult Man" and also work on new sermons for this fall.

September 2014 Camp Meeting

September 19th - 21st 2014
  Cloudland Canyon State Park
  Rising Fawn, GA

Cloudland Canyon State Park Phone 706-657-4050
  To register for camping or RV accommodation
  To get your daily park pass $5.00 ahead for Sabbath
  Days Inn Motel: Trenton, GA 706-657-2550

Please RSVP if you are coming to the meetings
  Call: 970-615-0046 or
  Email: office@empoweredlivingministries.org
  Website: www.empoweredlivingministries.org for information
  Thank You!

Speaking Schedule Cloudland Canyon

Friday September 19th 2014
  7:30 pm "God Substitutes"

Saturday September 20th 2014
  9:30 am "Dealing With Our Emotions"
  11:00 am "Is God Enough?"
  2:30 pm Time to Hike in the Park ... Discussion if bad weather
  4:00 pm "Accepting the Sovereignty of God"
  7:30 pm "Free Indeed"
  8:30 pm Book ... CD ... DVD Sales

Sunday September 21st 2014
  10:00 am "God's Waiting Room"
  11:00 am Question & Answers
  Book Ö CD Ö DVD Sales

October 2014

October 10 - 14, 2014
Roseburg, OR
  Speaking on behalf of Lighted Way Ministries
  Space limited to 35 people

Contact ELM: 970-614-0046
  Meetings will be Live streamed
  Videos and CDís will be made available of the new messages

God Substitutes ... Jim
Is God Enough? ... Jim
Dealing With Our Emotions ... Sally
Accepting the Sovereignty of God ... Jim
The Power of a Womanís Influence ... Sally
Godís Waiting Room ... Jim
Spiritual Parenting ... Sally
A Peculiar People ... Jim
Finish Your Race ... Jim

November 2014

Jim will be having surgery in MT to remove all the hardware that is presently in his back; 2 rods and 10 screws. That will take 2 weeks minimum with driving 1000 miles there, surgery, recover, and discharge to drive the 1000 miles back home to CO. Then there is the healing process and the resultant return of the mobility once again by the grace of God. So please keep his healing in you prayers again at this time.

December 2014 Camp Meeting

December 5-7th 2014
  Camp Gilead
  1444 Camp Gilead Drive
  Polk City, FL 33868
  (20 minutes SW of Orlando: I-4 exit 44)

Camp Gilead
  Website: www.campgilead.com for directions to the camp or camp information
  To reserve a room/camp site call: 863-984-1353
  The camp has tenting, a few RV sites, rooms, cabins, and a lodge.
  Accommodations are on a first come, first serve basis. So call early.

  Email: office@empoweredlivingministries.org
  Or Call: 970-615-0046