A hot day and smoothies go together.
This is our family tree we hug each year but I enjoy picking huckleberries best!
I love my Daddy too!
Dressing up is a fun thing for me.
FL, sun, water, sand and fun!
I love my Mommy!!
I love my brother
Christmas is so much fun 2013
Our hike in Moab was great climbing
Jason & I are real pals
Fun at Opa & Grandma's
The Spires here are very high / fun!
Summer is oh so much fun
Come jump with me on this pillow of air
My family is pretty Great don't you think so?
My two Big brothers watch over me and I them!
At home I'm busy cooking and babysitting
I'm learning to ski in 2013 at 3 years old
I'm so happy. I love everybody!
Birthday parties for others is just as much fun!
May in FL is great fun and I like being on TOP
My birthday and I'm 3 years old!
Vanessa the charmer!
She is happy!
Christmas 2011
Vanessa age 2
Bye, see you next time!
Welcome to my house.
Ate age 2 I'm learning to flip over in the rings.
What a young lady she is becoming!
Christmas 2010
I like Christmas with my family
Opa and me!
The lake is so much fun!
I'm ready to go!
Mommy, they love me!
I love my Mommy!
Did you call me?
My little sweetheart
Mother (Angela) & Vanessa
The Princess Sleeping peacefully
Sleep on little Precious
Arms out ... is her way
A Precious Little Bundle
Opa and Vanessa
You look good in pink!
"I can sleep through anything!"
Nathan likes to be Real Close
Nathan says, "I'll protect my little sister!"
Grandma holding Vanessa
Everyone loves and welcomes Vanessa
Father (Matthew) & Vanessa
Mother (Angela) & Vanessa