Huckleberry picking and hugging my favorite tree
Opa & Grandma with all 7 of us on Big Mountain MT
I love chopping all the wood for camping and cooking
Fishing another GREAT pass time camping
I love Florida time and the ocean
I bought my kayak with my own money
Water activities are my favorite sport with my family.
All dressed up for church
I'm 8 years old now!
This Fiery Furnace is the Greatest Fun!
The Fiery Furnace in UT--Wow!!
Being cleaver in a slot canyon
In CO seeing the mountains here
With Opa at a Ranch
McDonald Lake crystal clear and mountains
Hugging my tree!
We are a Great Team!
I like being at the Head of this family☺
At church I'm very studios and serious
Big Mountain is where I learned to ski from the Top!
Back in MT we have plenty of snow in May--what fun!
I like to work with wood--I'm strong!
Nathan the leader
I'm Nathan ... 7 years old and I'm on the bottom!
Christmas 2011
Nathan age 6
I'm 5 and love to ride my bike fast!
I'm picking this bouquet for Mother.
Going to the Sun Road in July
I like to climb trees.
Nathan age 5
Taking care of sister takes effort!
Come, sit down, lets talk!
Painting my tree fort floor
I'm riding my bike without training wheels!
I can play all day in the ocean waves
I'm building a Big Ranch
I'm ready for a Mountain climb
I like my German Lederhosen
I love "my" sister 2009
I'll protect my little sister
Opa fun!
Camelbacks for Christmas
I love "My" brother Jason
My Cousin is my Best Buddy
Overwhelming Love to Jesse
Working with Opa is fun
Running with Opa & Shasta
Swing time with Opa
I love my baby Brother Jason
Landon, Nathan, & Jesse
Nathan meets baby brother--Jason 2008
Gentle touches being learned
I love sledding on our hill
Daddy helped me build my snowman
Thanksgiving Smiles
It's Cold Outside
My Daddy & Mommy
Sleeping Time