Blue lips are from picking huckleberries as we descended Big Mountain!
There is always something we can do together.
I bought my own kayak and love it. Daddy likes it too.
Sister thinks I need my hair combed—funny girl!
Camping is fun especially when we cook over a fire. I love collecting firewood.
I like my Grandma!
Isn't this old truck neat?
We like to help clean at Grandma’s house.
Look at this quartz, could you leave it behind?
Joey is a Great Pal for Landon
She is a Great Horse Companion
Landon turned 9 in October 2013
Landon loves to play hide and seek
Landon enjoys his smiley sister Grace
Landon with his horse Joey
I'm a fast driver and enjoying it! Soon I'll be 8 years old
Landon is so excited telling stories on Grace's Birthday
Landon is 7 years old
Landon loves bikes!
Cross Country Skiing in Glacier Park
The Brothers in the straw!
Landon is excited
Downhill skiing in Montana--yeah!
Jump and swim--my favorite!
My daddy teaching me to play guitar
My daddy makes great pancakes
Homeschooling is a new and fun experience
Biking in Glacier Park as a family
We like to hike
I love Opa and Grandma
I like Opa's stories December 2010
Landon age 6
Happy brothers 2010
Landon 5 years old.
As Big Brother I'll protect you!
Riding bike in the park with my parents
We are good brothers
Lifting the tractor bucket is the greatest!
A winter tree climber
Dressed to climb those German mountains!
Landon spending time with Grandma
I'm hiking in Glacier with Opa & Grandma
Glacier streams are cool
Landon & Jesse ages 4 & 2
Father teaches us God's Word
A Camelback for hiking
Grandma helps me
Learning to be Thoughtful
I love my Cousin--Nathan
Driving Opa's Tractor
Exploring is fun!
Giving Jesse a ride!
I love my brother.
Landon learns to sit quietly to watch the deer
Daddy's right hand helper
Admiring the Squirrel with Opa
His coat of many colors
One year old and standing
Dedication day--reaching for Grandma
On the move ...
Sleeping peacefully
Landon & Mommy October 7, 2004