Looking forward to diving one day.
Coming down Big Mountain was just like skiing.
I love my sister Grace.
Going to church in CO with Opa.
I can make it we're almost to the top!!
Opa is so much fun!
McDonald Lake is cold but clear + gorgeous!
I carried this all the way up the mountain to the car.
Babysitting Emma what fun!
I'm Grace's Big brother
  Jesse (age 7) & Emma Rose  
Emma is so much fun!
Learning to ice skate and enjoys it
Riding horses is great fun!
Swimming and playing in McDonald Lake is Great Fun!
Proud of digging potatoes--look at this whopper!
Don't be shy Jesse you are 6 years old!
This is my Daddy whom I love so much! He can do ANYTHING!
Being brothers is wonderful!
Jesse is 5 years old.
Jumping is so much fun
Jesse loves and cares for his sister Grace
A day at the lake
I love my daddy!
Biking with my family in Glacier National Park
Jesse hiking with his brother Landon
I'm 4 and in 2010 I like to cook
Winter is fun
Jesse age 4
Happy brothers 2010
I'm big cause I'm 3 years old
Brotherly Love
I'm learning to ride a big bike!
Tearing the tree stumps apart
I like Opa driving the tractor
Building homes like my Daddy!
I like my German outfit
Camping is fun with Opa & Grandma
I'm hungry after the long canoe ride
Water fun at Kintla Lake
Sticks and water--wow!
I love my Daddy
I love my Grandma
Landon & I are great pals
Look at my doggy
I'm ready to hike with my camelback
Snow fun and smiles
Mr. Blue eyes
My Big brother is my buddy
Snow is cold!
Calculating measurements to Daddy
The Hohnberger male quartet
Oh no! The tractor is moving!!
Exploring Glacier Park
Truckie in the sandbox is sooo much fun!
I'm German like Opa
Play dough with Grandma
Mommy (Sarah) & Jesse
Time to wash my hair
Baby Jesse born Sept 25, 2006