Camping was extra-ordinary fun with Opa & Grandma.
We went huckleberry picking with all of the family—can you tell?
Tree hugging
Went on a boat in FL
I love all animals.
My mom is the Greatest!
My dad is lots of fun.
The Ocean spells fun and sun. I love to swim.
I love the sand and my siblings.
My sister and I love to run and climb
Christmas time was great
I like climbing high best!
Mom and Dad keep us all safe.
Lots of room to run on this ranch
Fiery Furnace as a family!
I love the water fun all summer! I'm 6.
CO is very different from MT!
Jason is a fine Big Brother to Vanessa
What a Lovely Family you have!! Be good!
Jason what a lovely "smile" you have!
You are turning into such a good driver!
Sweet smile!
Jason turned 4 while in FL in May 2012
Christmas 2011.
Jason age 3.
Summer is Fun.
I'm a 3-year-old tree hugger!
Swimming in Lake McDonald is cold!
Going to the Sun Road has plenty of snow.
Christmas 2010 is so fun!
Making cookies is grand fun!
Opa is lots of fun!
This is a big tree stump!
I love my sister and she knows it!
Laughter is good medicine.
Flowers attract me
Birthday Fun!
I'm part German too!
Opa Fun!
Can I throw these into the water?
I'm a busy boy
My Brother loves me
Eating came real natural to me!
Go to bed? I'm having fun here!
Meeting my first horse
Sitting up is best!
Brother loves me
Mommy (Angela) takes care of me
I like mommy's touch
Mommy really loves me
Daddy (Matthew) by my side
Born May 19, 2008